No matter where you live or how long it's been since your student days, you remain an important part of the Montserrat Community. The Alumni Office considers it a lifelong relationship, and we're committed to keeping you informed and connected to what's happening at the College and with your fellow alumni.

One way of staying connected is by joining our alumni e-news list. Email us at to be added to the alumni e-news list. Once a month, we email a link to the monthly events calendar and we'll send a link to new editions of the online newsletter, Portfolio Online, as they are created. When you sign up, please tell us about noteworthy accomplishments and events in your life that you'd like included in Portfolio Online.

Showing your work in a gallery or other venue? Let us know and we'll help you publicize it. With sufficient lead-time, we will mail an announcement or your gallery card to alumni and friends within an hour's drive of your opening.



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