Montserrat College of Art Gallery
presents innovative exhibitions
of contemporary art that feature
regional, national and
international artists ranging
from emerging to established.
Our core mission is to cultivate
learning, celebrate artistic excellence, and to inspire
a lifelong involvement in art
and design.


Montserrat Gallery

Wednesday, August 26 - Saturday, September 26

Heidi Whitman: Lost Cities

Carol Schlosberg Alumni Gallery

Monday, August 24 - Saturday, September 19

Dan Mills: Interferences

301 Gallery

Thursday, September 3 - Saturday, October 3

Rachel Mica Weiss: CounterMeasures

Public Programs

Thursday, September 3, 2015, 11:30am

Public Artist Talk - Rachel Mica Weiss

Bear Gallery

Tuesday, July 1 - Monday, September 1


Frame 301

Thursday, September 3 - Saturday, October 3

Rachel Mica Weiss